You’re Never too Old to Live.

I am guilty of saying “I’m too old for that.” There I said it!

I know a lot of people are guilty of proclaiming the same. The question is why?

We have this conviction, that sidelines us too easily. It has to do with our age and we let it determine what we should and should not do way too often. 

As I peeled back the layers to try to decide where I stood on this, I came to the conclusion that it is just an excuse.

Humans love excuses, they keep us safe and comfortable. Yay, for our brains working properly!

The question is, since when are people too old, to live? It doesn’t matter what it is in regards to, we have these limiting boundaries that we self create. We should live our best life, everyday regardless of a number.

If there is something that ignites your soul, why shouldn’t you just go for it? Since when does seizing opportunity, having fun, learning, participating in new experiences or anything for that matter have an age limit?

The fact of the matter, is it doesn’t. We need to step away from using this as an excuse because it’s getting old (get it, haha.) Being too old should never be an excuse, for not chasing after the things we want in our life.

Nola Ochs, a ninety-five year old woman, made the Guinness Book of World Records, for being the oldest woman to earn a college degree.

Can you still say, “I’m too old to go back to college?”

You can, but it’s just an excuse.

Bryson William Verdun Hayes, a one hundred and one year old man, holds the record for  being the oldest skydiver.

Can you still say, “I’m too old for adventure?”

You can, but it’s just an excuse.

Loren Wade, a one hundred and two-year old man, still goes to work at Wal-Mart everyday.

Can you still say, “I’m too old to go to work?”

You can, but it’s just an excuse

(Honestly, that might not be the best example because I hope to be retired at that point,  so I guess that’s my excuse about working past a certain age.)

Harriette Thompson, at ninety-two years old finished a full marathon in under eight hours.

Can you still say, “I’m too old to workout?”

You can, but it’s just an excuse.

A British couple was named the world’s oldest newlyweds, after they tied the knot at one hundred and three and ninety-one years old.

Can you still say, “I’m too old to find love?”

You can, but it’s just an excuse.

The point is, humans have this innate ability to want to keep themselves safe. I get it. We do this in a variety of ways every single day in order to keep “safe.” Safe in my opinion means we aren’t experiencing our life to the fullest if we are denying ourselves opportunity.

The sooner we break out of our comfort zones and stop making excuses for ourselves, the sooner we can live a fuller life. Go after the things you want in your life. It is important not to limit ourselves, because of our age. We are never too old to live. If we’re not living now, we’re never too old to start. Today is your day.

Continue “Doing Life, your way, not theirs.”





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